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The Volcano House was purchased from the Chapman University by a private party in 2015.  The university had used the property as a base for study tours and projects by its students and faculty of the environmental science, astronomy, film, and other disciplines.  The new owners quickly realized that the property could have a new purpose, and needs to be shared.

Significant investments by the new owners have been made to prepare the property for its new purpose.  These include:

  • A trellis fence supporting grape vines with an active irrigation system that surrounds the entire 60 acre property
  • Purchase, transport, and installation of a train caboose.
  • Purchase of equipment to facilitate excavation and hauling.

We have prepared a business plan that provides the details of the transformation of the Volcano House to a retreat for those in the process of healing.  The focus of the property development and other investments include the following:

  • Construction of guest homes
  • Construction of a clubhouse, kitchen, and dining facilities
  • Landscaping that is appropriate for the Mojave Desert
  • Indoor poolhouse
  • Transportation vehicle
  • Staff

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