The Volcano House was built in the late 1960's.  It has been exceptionally maintained.  The property is largely undeveloped and is the focus of our projects to prepare it for operating as a healing sanctuary.


Volcano house

The Volcano House sits atop a 150 foot cinder cone on 60 acres of mostly undeveloped Mojave Desert land.


Vista looking south from the Volcano House

Vista looking south from the Volcano House

60 acre parcel

The site is accessible from Newberry Springs with roads maintained by the county.  The property will be bordered with a fence system that is comprised of a trellis that will hold grape vines with a irrigation system.  This project is underway with a scheduled completion date of December 2017.



1970's Era caboose

The caboose was purchased in early 2017.  It was delivered over the railways from New Jersey.  It has been installed on a pair of railroad tracks facing the 4 acre lake.  It will serve as a point of interest and restroom.