Welcome to the Volcano House website!

Hello!  My name is Kerry.  Thank you for visiting and showing interest in our vision for helping people heal and get back to good health!  I am an owner of a construction company and we have been quite busy with our development projects for the Volcano House property.  We are working on establishing a 501(3)c charitable organization designation that we expect will be completed in the near future.

Our development projects completed and underway include building a fence to surround the 60 acre grounds constructed with a trellis to support fruit-bearing grape vines.  The vines are watered from an active irrigation system and our private well.  We also purchased a wonderful red caboose and have it now installed on real railroad tracks with a nice view of the 4 acre pond.  A 1954 Chevrolet 3100 dump truck was purchased to do the heavy-lifting on the property.  It is a beautiful green and if fully restored to original operating capability.

Please contact us if you would like more information and if you want to see how you can make our vision come to fruition!!!  Thank you for your interest!!